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Flooring in Seattle

My name is Alex Babko, I am owner of Vision Flooring and I want to thank you for your interest in our company.
I would like to let you know a little about our company and how we run things.
Every estimate we do is free of charge to you, no obligations. It starts by meeting at the house where the work will be done. We look at every detail, and go over it with you. We figure out exactly what you want and don't want to be done. This appointment takes anywhere from 15 min to about an hour depending on the project. After which I go home and prepare an estimate that I will send you to your email. It will go over the work we will be performing and the total price. We like to give you as much information as possible and keep you informed of everything.
What sets us apart from our competition is when we both agree on the work done and the final price, that price will never change. I have meet many homeowners that was telling me how they agreed to pay for a service and ended up paying almost double in the end. Irresponsible contractors first give out small numbers to get you interested and then back charge you for every little thing they do. We also pride on staying small and passing that savings to you. Our prices are reasonable for any family to afford. If we are not the lowest estimate you receive very often we can match the price. Also I wanted to assure you in our equipment, we have every needed machine and tool to do the job correctly, without mistakes and in a timely manner. Our machines are properly secured to the vacuum cleaners and special bags. So you don't have to worry about the dust after the job is completed.
We at Vision Flooring love to answer questions and help people. Feel free to contact us with any floor project that you have.
Thank you for your request.
Alex Babko

A little bit about our family.
My name is Alex, my wifes name is Marina, and our son's name is Kaiden.
We are a small family located here in Everett.
We originally came from different countries to find better, honest life. I am from Ukraine, came to US with my family 16 years ago, and became naturalized citizen shortly after that. Marina came to the US from Belarus about 8 years ago.
We both finished High School here in the US and got some college degree. I got associate in theology and Marina got her diploma for medical assisting. I started in the flooring business very early, right after high school. At that time it was just a job, I started working for a good family friend. After a while, my boss was struggling to find work for all the guys he hired and because I was one of the last guys to get employed he had to let me go. I already had many tools for my trade and had good experienced so I started my own company. Since I started my company I keep investing in my machines and tools to achieve the best possible quality work. We had our ups and downs, but keeping our good work and great customer service we managed to stay in business for 7 years. I still provide best price and quality work here in Snohomish and King County.
My wife likes to read the revues and thank you letters I get. We are both motivated and thankful for all the customers we had. In some ways we are all friends, like a big family.
Thank you.
Vision Flooring. Quality you can count on. Free Estimates. Complete harwood Service.
We will do it right the first time! We will go an extra mile to reach your satisfaction. Licensed Bonded and Insured.
-Sanding & Refinishing Existing Floors.
-New Prefinished / Unfinished Hardwood Installation.
-Laminate / Engineered Flooring Installation.
-Matching / Feathering in to Existing Floors.
-Floor and Subfloor Repair & Restoration.
-Custom Wood Stairs Install, Repair, Refinish.
-Flush Wood Air Registers.
About Us. Companys Vision. We believe that attention to detail and customer service sets us apart from our competition. We work with the property owner to select the highest grade materials possible, and we continue to contact the customer even after the job has been completed. We provide excellent customer service and high quality on all floor installations, floor refinishing or replacement.
We can get you all the high quality product and materials for the best possible price.
Family. We are tight family and believe that family values form our decisions and our service.
I always recomend my brother Mike; we both strive to provide excellent quality and service. We treat our customers like family and guarantee our work. We share same ideas how things need to be done and work hard to improve our quality and service. Mike is in charge of all the remodeling projects like cabinet installation, closet remodeling, countertops, decks & porches, exterior painting, fencing, garage building, general remodeling, interior painting, kitchen & bath remodeling, siding, unfinished carpentry, windows & doors and much more. Mike is licensed bonded and insured so you can have peace of mind.
Please follow this link to go to Mikes website to get more information and to see more pictures of his work. Thank you for visiting.
Outstanding References.
April Buchan Designer Project Manager (425)531-0192
Steve Crane Home Builder (425)773-1255
Dave Haris Home Builder (206)795-2009
Suzan Gibso Home Owner (425)761-5595
Wood Floor Maintenance Instructions (For All Surface Coated Floors, Except Wax-Based Finishes)
1. Dust mop or sweep your floor regularly. If you do sweep, we recommend nylon brooms, as straw brooms tend to be too rough on some floor finishes.
2. For spills or spot-cleaning, spray (WOODWISE No-Wax) or other hardwood floor cleaner directly on the spill, or on the terry cover of our soft mop, and clean as needed.
3. For general cleaning, spray an area 4' x 4' with hardwood floor cleaner, or spray directly onto the soft mop head, making sure not to over-wet your floor. Too much liquid will cause damage to your hardwood floors. For best results, buff dry with a towel after cleaning.
4. Make sure your tables and chairs have soft Felt Floor Protector Pads on the bottom of their legs to help prevent scratches. The felt pads must be kept free of grit, and will periodically need to be replaced.
5. Use exterior walk-off mats and an area rug just inside your doors to help keep grit off of your floors.
6. Place area rugs in high traffic areas, especially in front of your kitchen sink, stove and refrigerator.
7. Keep your pet's nails clipped.
8. When moving heavy furniture, always pick up the furniture rather than sliding it across the floors.
9. Do not roll or slide appliances across your floor. We recommend a professional do this for you.
10. Both men's and women's shoes should be properly maintained. Heels with an unprotected tip will cause damage to your hardwood floors.
Even with proper maintenance, eventually your floor may become dull or worn looking. Contact us it may be time for a top coat or refinishing.